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General Discussion / Re: The tips & tricks thread.
« on: May 13, 2017, 06:30:01 pm »
I'll start with a few and then you are free to add more :)
  • You qan stick to ceilings by holding down the jump key. If you go off the edge you will "jump" up high enough to grab another voxel ceiling +1 higher at most. You qan use this to travel in stairs faster if you qlimb under it than walk on it and a quick way to get up from deep underground is to just grab a ceiling and dig it away. If there's no voxel above to grab then you'll fall down again so be qareful.
I think that last one is a bug, isn't it? (I didn't looked into the code about this but I noticed it in version 1.38)
I'm not reporting this as a "bug" since I'm not sure about if it is...

The first "bug" can be converted into an option: when enabled, it stops the sound after the first block, but not if the option is disabled.

The second "bug" may be resolved by changing the sound of the footstep (maybe less loud?).

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