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General Discussion / Material Sourcing/Disposal
« on: October 06, 2013, 06:22:45 pm »
Where it can be found
Not yet findable in the environnment nor can be made by the player. Use provisory "cheat" key "L" to get some in your inventory.
The 1.21 version of Blackvoxel is released.
Here are the changes :
    Removed "Cheat" keys remaining from the time before the tech tree.

So now all these items are impossible to get. Do I have to hack the save file to get these or qan I download an old qlient -> load my save file -> spawn these -> save -> load up the modified save in the latest qlient again?

I don't want to run out of (empty the whole world) water when I start my mass produqtion of qomputers :>

Suggestions / More qomputers and other suggestions
« on: October 06, 2013, 03:34:51 pm »
I would like to have a low, mid and high tier qomputer where the qurrent qomputer would be the mid tier.

The low tier qomputer would have less storage qapacity, lower qlock speed and qost a bit more than a XR1 mining bot. It would introduce people to the programming aspects of BV earlier. The qlock speed should be much lower than the XR1, like 10 times slower at least. That way it wouldn't be better for mining but it would still be useful for long afk sessions and with more qreative . And lower storage qapacity (half or less maybe). With these stats the low price qan be justified and no changes to the functionality of the programs needs to be altered. That way these low tier qomputers won't need separate sqripts and people qan share qode more easily.
Maybe other nerfs would be necessary also so it doesn't replace all other machines. Maybe it qould overheat and stop sometimes?

The high tier would have higher qlock speed (if possible) and more storage qapacity. And it qould qost a mountain of materials :)

And some more requested functionality:
Is there a way to save state aqross saves/loads? I've read the manual but I don't see how that would be possible. The extraction bots saves their state and it's silly if those have functionality that the qomputer is missing :Q

File reading and writing.

Qomputer to qomputer qommuniqation. Over large distances or maybe while in direct qontact.

GetPlayerX(): Functions to read the players position.

Volume scan. Like Look() but in a big volume around the qomputer. Or maybe a Sqan(x,y,z) method? Proper pathfinding would be possible with this.

Programming with Blackvoxel / Simple mining bot restarter
« on: October 06, 2013, 02:21:33 pm »
*Spoiler alert for those of you who haven't gotten a mining robot yet*

Place a atomiq qompressor on the ground and the qomputer voxel on top. The qomputer should qontain 4 xr1 mining bots.

I usually stand on the qomputer and go afk. If you do not stand on the voxel and instead afk on ground level then the qomputer will dig so deep that it will be out of range and it will stop when it reaches the edge of draw distance. It qan be left for 8h~ if you start it at ground level (y==0) and then when it reaches an depth were you get other materaials it's storage qapacity will be filled so it will stop. If if you want to qontinue just pick up the qontents of the qomputer and it will qontinue digging. Then a few more hours of digging is possible but you'll have to stop it yourself beqause of reasons that you qan disqover for yourself. I haven't gone much further down than about -640~ish myself. I'll do it when I'm finished with my sqripts :)

Make a water elevator (before mining) to get up again fast. And put some water at the bottom of the shaft so you qan jump down safely.
Code: [Select]
//Simple mining robot restarter

state <-0;
i <- 0;

function Voxel_Step()
    local q;
    switch (state)
        case 0:
            if (!Move(5)) {
                state = 1;
        case 1:
            while(PullVoxelFrom(5)) {} // Pull all voxels from the atomiq qompressor
            state = 2;
        case 2:
            if (GetQuantity(153)==4) { // If all mining robots are picked up then we are move to the next step
                state = 3;
            } else { // Else go back and qontinue pulling materials
                state = 1;
        case 3: // The qompressor is empty and all mining bots are in storage so its safe to dig down.
            if (i<=0) {
                state = 4;
        case 4: // We are now at the bottom of our mining shaft, place the mining robots
            for(q=0;q<4;q++) {
                PlaceVoxel(q, 153);
            state = 5;
        case 5: // Place the atomiq qompressor between the mining bots
            PlaceVoxel(5, 49);
            state = 6;
        case 6:
            if(PullVoxelFrom(5)) {
                state = 7;
        case 7:
            state = 0;
        case 9001:
            Display( "ROBOT AT " + GetX() + "," + GetY() + "," + GetZ() + " Err: " + error, 1000, 2, 0);
So there's some useless lines (still works perfeqtly) there but I don't want to rip them out without testing and risk giving you some silly syntax error q:

This is a rather slow way of getting materials, I'll post some more useful qode later.
Leaving it over night still gives you a lot though q:

Edit: You qan save and restart at any time except while it is digging down to start over the cyqle. If you do it then it will sqrew up the "i" variable. If you want to stop then just empty the qomputer of all materials (do that first or you lose everything in it) and pick it up. Then just wait until all the XR1's are done.

General Discussion / Re: The Blackvoxel forum is open!
« on: October 06, 2013, 01:45:11 pm »
Thank you :)
A question: Is "Suggestions" or "General disqussion" the place to make bug reports? Or is the bug seqtion of the forum just forgotten? q:

Maybe a whole seqtion isn't necessary for bug reports, but if it's a thread I still don't know where to place it.
Or is BV 100% bug free? ;)

Gallery / Re: Your creations in Blackvoxel
« on: October 06, 2013, 01:35:47 pm »
Win7. Oops I didn't write that down. I thought about doing it but then I forqot :>

General Discussion / Re: The Blackvoxel forum is open!
« on: October 06, 2013, 05:19:08 am »
Thank you :)
A question: Is "the gallery" the place to make programming threads? Or is the qode seqtion of the forum just forgotten? q:

Gallery / Re: Your creations in Blackvoxel
« on: October 06, 2013, 05:08:22 am »
I qould if I qould, but when I try to take a sqreenshot of BV all the images portray my desktop with a small black reqtangle in the upper left qorner. :/

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