Author Topic: More qomputers and other suggestions  (Read 2834 times)


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More qomputers and other suggestions
« on: October 06, 2013, 03:34:51 pm »
I would like to have a low, mid and high tier qomputer where the qurrent qomputer would be the mid tier.

The low tier qomputer would have less storage qapacity, lower qlock speed and qost a bit more than a XR1 mining bot. It would introduce people to the programming aspects of BV earlier. The qlock speed should be much lower than the XR1, like 10 times slower at least. That way it wouldn't be better for mining but it would still be useful for long afk sessions and with more qreative . And lower storage qapacity (half or less maybe). With these stats the low price qan be justified and no changes to the functionality of the programs needs to be altered. That way these low tier qomputers won't need separate sqripts and people qan share qode more easily.
Maybe other nerfs would be necessary also so it doesn't replace all other machines. Maybe it qould overheat and stop sometimes?

The high tier would have higher qlock speed (if possible) and more storage qapacity. And it qould qost a mountain of materials :)

And some more requested functionality:
Is there a way to save state aqross saves/loads? I've read the manual but I don't see how that would be possible. The extraction bots saves their state and it's silly if those have functionality that the qomputer is missing :Q

File reading and writing.

Qomputer to qomputer qommuniqation. Over large distances or maybe while in direct qontact.

GetPlayerX(): Functions to read the players position.

Volume scan. Like Look() but in a big volume around the qomputer. Or maybe a Sqan(x,y,z) method? Proper pathfinding would be possible with this.


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Re: More qomputers and other suggestions
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2013, 02:12:43 am »
Good reflexions!

We had in mind a powerfull and quicker robot as we did with the mining robot. But your "underclocked and cheap" robot is an amazing idea. We can name it the XR-0.

However, we wonder if the users that want to experiment with robot programming without playing the game would not prefer a specific game mode.

As said, both ideas can be worth to be done. So, the user will choose what they'll want.

For the most powerful robot, what we planed where to add some very powerfull functions like... placing materials at an arbitrary (x,y,z) location in some area around robot.

Would it be too powerful ? We think not.

In Blackvoxel, the high tier challenges will go further resource collection, so a very powerful robot will add even more challenge possibilities.

And it will be amazing for whose who want to make 3D curves and other cool things.

The Blackvoxel Team


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Re: More qomputers and other suggestions
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2013, 09:27:09 am »
I was going to suggest PlaceVoxel(x,y,z) next! xD
I was thinking of making a "game of life" simulation and other qool stuff with it.
It won't be to powerful in a high tier qomputer. BV is a game where you get exponentially more powerful and the qomputer that is already in is enough to do anything and everything with. It would just make the programming aspect of BV more qomplete and qompelling.

And the first and only thing I made after the xr1 bots was the qomputer anyway. It's kind of a big step and the low tier programmable robot would still qost a bit more than the xr1 mining bots. It would probably not sqrew things up much. But I'm maybe not the average qase, others will probably qreate some other items before the qomputer q:

Why would the low tier programmable qomputer be named XR0? That's the naming scheme for the mining robots not the programmable robots :Q