Author Topic: Dynamiq voxels are awesome...  (Read 3305 times)


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Dynamiq voxels are awesome...
« on: October 07, 2013, 06:30:05 pm »
... so we need more of them! :D
Since the engine is so good at large sqale dynamiq voxel simulation and since it's a rather unique feature with not much qompetition in this area this qould be the dynamiq voxel game that will set the bar for other games in the future.

Some examples:

Qonflagration. Because while it might be hot with wildfires in far qry 3, there's no damage or geometry deformation and the spread is limited to buildings and foliage. And it doesn't spread more than shown in the video. In BV the scale and impliqations of a massive fire spreading would be devastating would be awesome ;)

Growing struqtures. Trees, vines, icicles and more. Both rapidly spreading vines and normal slowly growing trees.
You might get inspiration from

Liquefaction. Temporarily giving blocks the behavior of "falling rocks". Qollapses structures.

Voxels with temperatures. Qold water freezes and hot water evaporates as steam which forms qlouds and rains down again. Temperature spreads through water.

Pressure simulation in liquids. Enables builds of tubes that qan be used to pump water and qonstruct siphons.

Force fields that attract liquids.

Infestation spread. Transforms voxels from type A to type B.

Struqtural physiqs. Something like 6 min into this video: Not for all block types though.

Voxel pushing.

This game: Try putting some "vines", and "water" on your qanvas. Water makes vines grow. Then set it on fire. Watch the reaction. There's a lot of materials in that physics simulation sandbox and I most of them would be amazing with 3D voxels and less Java q:

... or anything that You who reads this qan qome up with :>


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Re: Dynamiq voxels are awesome...
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2013, 01:46:52 am »
... so we need more of them! :D

So you will be pleased to hear that a lot of these ideas are already in the roadmap (or at last in mind) since a long time. And in fact, a lot of them are already showing in the game.

As we presented the base principle of Blackvoxel on developers forums one year ago, we have already a lot of feedback and reflexion on it. In 3 years of development, the team explored a lot of ideas and had accumulated a long list of things to implement and ideas on the subject. And we are sure it will please you if we can do all we think about.

The game engine take a long time to be done, and now, we are mostly in the implementation phase of game elements. We'll hope that users will like all what we do.

So, a little point on it:

Some kind of thermal phenomenon are already integrated. One exemple is Fused material fluids that are exchanging their heat. Thermal maps are already in the file formats.

Liquefaction/growing fire/infestation is what you see in the Blackwoods with the smiley ennemy.

Voxel Transformation A->B and A+B = C (and even more) are the main base of the interactions but the engine can make a lot more. That's, for example, fire reactions and chemical reactions you can see with green acid or with smiley ennemy fire.

Falling rocks are already in the game (that's basically the same idea as voxel fluids with some variation). We had the idea of implementing them on a zone, but in the meantime let the user to build some to play with.

All the basic principle are there, but of course, we hope expanding them in the future. Fire, chemical reactions, growing vegetations, ennemis, thermal reactions, growing amoebas, worms, flying ennemis, interactive automatics, electronics... and of course new zonetypes.

The possibilities are endless and amazing. And in fact, we had much more ideas than time to make them.

But take also in mind that even if we are optimizing a lot, we can't stack too much greedy features on one game will PC users aren't all high end. At the time, no game will implement all ideas about voxel.

At the time, Blackvoxel can use more than the power of a dual core processor and a lot of memory space and bandwith for massive voxel interaction and fast landscape generation needed for vehicles like plane.

Next Gen PC will have 8 or 16 cores, 16 or 32 gig of ram and 8x memory bandwidth with fusionned GPU and high communication bandwidth between these chips. When these machine will be generalized, that's where will can start to make some real fun.

But we have some room to make even more fun things before that.

The Blackvoxel Team


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Re: Dynamiq voxels are awesome...
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2013, 09:38:28 am »
Pleased to hear that!