Author Topic: Important : Must be read before posting in this forum.  (Read 3476 times)


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Important : Must be read before posting in this forum.
« on: October 05, 2013, 07:48:32 pm »
  • No remuneration and no counterparts will be given in exchange for ideas and suggestions. By posting your ideas on this forum, you agree to grant us all the rights to use them for free. The purpose of this section is only for helping us to know the desires of our users in order to improve our game. Otherwise, do not submit your ideas.
  • Developers must make choice about game content and development priority based on their own thought. Don't forget that different players may expect different things. That's not an easy job.  So don't be angry if we don't implement your suggestion or if we choose to implement it latter or differently. In fact, we already have a big list of ideas of our own waiting for time and means for implementation, so it's likely that many suggestions are already in our plan. Anyway, it's always a good thing to expose your feeling about the game in order to help us to make the good choices and to choose the better priority on the roadmap.
  • Developer time are dependant on game success. So a good way to help development is to speak about Blackvoxel to your friends.