Author Topic: Blackvoxel 1.22 Beta 3 is out.  (Read 4082 times)


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Blackvoxel 1.22 Beta 3 is out.
« on: October 28, 2013, 01:39:35 am »
Here are the changes and additions :
  • Fixed : User-Texture Engine can now be broken with the base constructor/destructor tool.
  • Added : Large address aware activated for windows 32 bits. Not sure it will be activated on the final 1.22  because it seems capable of creating problems and compatibility issues.
  • Added : New UserData directory for user program data. Data saved by your scripts should go in it.
  • Added : New Functions for programming.

New Functions Added :

int GetRobotLevel()

Not really for immediate use. Returns the robot level. This function is intended for the future addition of other robots in the case we restrict some functionality depending on the robot.

int GetRobotID()

Return the unique serial number of your robot. Can be used for generating an unique file name for saving datas.

var GetPath(int PathType)

Return the paths of the working directories of Blackvoxel. Should be used instead of absolute path because the directories can be located in different locations depending on operating system and/or version. For maximum compatibility, don't forget to use GetInfo(20) for the path separator character to use.

For PathType :

0 : (int) Maximum value for PathType
1 : (string) Blackvoxel main data directory.
2 : (string) Actual Universe save.
3 : (string) Squirrel script location.
4 : (string) The Location for saving the data of your scripts.

var GetInfo(int InfoNum)

Added new informations with offset 16-22:

0: sq_pushinteger(v,22); break;
1: Player Location (x)
2: Player Location (y)
3: Player Location (z)
4: Player Location (x) in Voxel Units
5: Player Location (y) in Voxel Units
6: Player Location (z) in Voxel Units
7: Player Viewing direction (yaw)
8: Player Viewing direction (pitch)
9: Player Viewing direction (roll)
11: Player Head Location (x)
12: Player Head Location (y)
13: Player Head Location (z)
14: Player Head Location (x) in Voxel Units
15: Player Head Location (y) in Voxel Units
16: Player Head Location (z) in Voxel Units
17: Player Velocity (x)
18: Player Velocity (y)
19: Player Velocity (z)
20: File path separator character
21: Program Version
22: Actual Script Number

var GetInfoName(int InfoNum)

Added the description for GetInfo() new items.

bool PlayerMove(float x, float y, float z)

This function moves the player. Coordinates are relative. Useful to move the player along with some voxels. Move is limited to +-5000 per call.

bool PlayerAddAccel(float x, float y, float z)

Add provided values to player acceleration.

bool PlayerSetAccel(float x, float y, float z)

Replace the actual player acceleration values by the provided values.