Author Topic: Anyone went below the green acid?  (Read 5674 times)


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Anyone went below the green acid?
« on: February 27, 2019, 07:18:47 pm »
Using my automatic digging robot, I reached the layer just above the green acid.

Then I dug some more, and saw that I could not reach the acid layer, nor could I have access to any “hanging thing” to go down. Nevertheless, I was able to reach the acid itself by dropping loads of rolling voxels until I could reach them.

However, the rolling voxels seem to float on the acid instead of drowning, so I’m back to the initial problem: I’m standing of my raft of rolling voxels, but still unable to attach voxels to anything below, for the lack of anything reachable.

“Why?”, will you say… I don’t know. I just want to explore :-) And the challenge, too.

So, anyone managed to go below the green acid without bypassing it through another zone?


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Re: Anyone went below the green acid?
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2019, 08:30:30 am »
Hi Yves,

Yes there is a way to get through the acid layer without bypassing it ;)

As you already guessed, the Falling Rock is the way to get safely on the surface of the acid layer.

There is very few blocks which are immune to green acid. But Falling Rock is one of them. That's not by coincidence.

Now, you have to find a way to make some voxels to get bellow the surface.

We'll give you one hint : when you put a  "non immune" block on the side of a block which is on the acid layer, it will react with acid and this will make a temporary hole in the acid layer.

The Blackvoxel Team