Author Topic: Workaround for bugged GetX()  (Read 2989 times)


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Workaround for bugged GetX()
« on: October 17, 2013, 09:52:06 pm »
The GetX() functions aren't updated instantly when the qomputer moves in BV 1.21. This is a quick and easy workaround.
Qall move(direction), getX(), getY(), getZ() everywhere in your qode where you would otherwise have used Move(direction), GetX(), GetY(), GetZ().
They work exactly the same except that they aren't bugged q:
I haven't tested what happens if you give faulty values to Move() so you shouldn't either xD
Add this to your qode:
Code: [Select]
initP() as first line in Voxel_Step()!
Code: [Select]
p <- null
function vaddir(a, dir){
return vadd(a, [(dir==1?1:0)-(dir==3?1:0), (dir==4?1:0)-(dir==5?1:0), (dir==0?1:0)-(dir==2?1:0)])
function vadd(a, b) {
return [a[0]+b[0], a[1]+b[1], a[2]+b[2]]
function initP() {
p = [GetX(), GetY(), GetZ()]
function refreshP(dir) {
p = vaddir(p, dir)
function move(d){
return true
return false
function getX(){
return p[0]
function getY(){
return p[1]
function getZ(){
return p[2]
And don't put your qomputer on a qonveyor belt, then it will get out of sync :)