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Learning with Blackvoxel
« on: February 26, 2019, 08:29:55 am »

You may have met me already on GitHub. I discovered Blackvoxel in late 2018, and enjoyed it very much.
In addition to being fun to play, with nice in-game programming capabilities, I found it also very educational where self-organization is concerned!

I wrote the following article, and I thought maybe you would be interested:
You might even want to plan missions along those lines ;-)

A second article is almost ready, still about Kanban.

And… well, since this place is about showcasing our creations, you can see my factory at the end of the article, producing almost everything.

And of course, I could not have gone so far, so fast, without the program I wrote for my programmable robots! This program:
  • digs a hole equivalent to what 4 regular robots around a storage would achieve;
  • when some depth has been reached, it climbs back up, all the while carving a staiway in case you need to go down;
  • when the top has been reached, it goes in turn to each location where each ore kind should be stored;
  • when an ore is still unknown, it asks where that ore should be stored;
  • when all has been stored, it goes back down the hole, and digs a new series of layers; and so on, until depth 1323 has been reached.


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Re: Learning with Blackvoxel
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2019, 08:26:21 am »
Hello Yves and welcome to the Blackvoxel Forum ;)

Thanks for your interesting thoughs about using Blackvoxel with Kanban.

Yes, Blackvoxel is a game about organisation. That's a good idea to experiment with professionnal organisation methods. Using such a simulation for testing and comparing approachs.

There is always some useful lessons to learn with video game which can be used in real life. And you are showing a good way on this kind of analysis.

It's well made, we'll take time to read it tourroughly.

Have a good fun with Blackvoxel...

The Blackvoxel Team