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Blackvoxel V1.33 (Linux mint 16 Petra AMD64)

There is a problem with the Atomic Compression unit, i had

20 copper and iron bars
11 grey cast iron bars
1 base machine
1 amethyst
20 stainless steel bars

i was building them up to make the multi-purpose robot

and over 70 blackrock-white (from the blackrock-white area deep down, NOT the area with the water).

these are all gone, but the areas mined to get them have stayed the same.

It seemed to have started from the first time i added the blackrock-white voxels to the storage inventory, they don't disappear straight away, instead i have to quit the game and reload and the items are gone, but there does not appear to be a pattern or order on what items will disappear from storage.

Suggestions / More user friendliness
« on: May 26, 2014, 02:36:19 pm »
I've just started playing the game for a day or so and find the game needs a few touches to make it more user friendly and more engaging for casual gamers.

Things such as

In the inventory menu there could be popup text to tell you what the selected block/item/ore is, atm i have to constantly quit the game and goto the user manual online to find out what it is.

Also popup text to say what was added to the base machine/furnace etc, at the start of the game we don't have the capability to make sequencers and conveyor belts yet, so we have to go by memory on what was added.

A map would be handy also, i have found my self getting lost quite a few times, especially when going from blue, white (the area with the water) then to the green areas ( lava pits bordering the insane black area).

an in-game manual, trying to memorise ore sequences for the furnace can be quite difficult at times and having to quit the game then go online to view the manual is pretty annoying at times.

A storage box, where users can store items that will still be there if they die, also a way to retrieve items lost on death, it's quite disheartening to build up alot of ores and tools only to loose them all if you fall down a hole or get killed by those smiley faces.

 just a few thoughts.

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